• Top H.A.T. SS Battery Saver

The All New Top H.A.T. SS - PART #6301

Top H.A.T. SS is a high amperage timed disconnect switch with a high reliability 180-AMP solid state relay and integrated thermal circuit breaker built in, configurable by PC and USB serial cable for determining optimal system settings. Custom factory-programming of desired settings is available for production level orders.

  • Self-contained timing and switching functionality, no external circuit breaker required
  • Draws ten times less power and current than high-amp relay coils
  • Programmable delay in tenths of a minute from 6 seconds to 4.5 days
  • Local LED for system status and diagnostics
  • Optional ignition key input (recommended for emergency vehicle applications)
  • Low Voltage Protection (voltage and time configurable, i.e. turn off when system voltage falls below 10.5-Volts for 15-Seconds)
  • Configurable Over Voltage Protection to protect sensitive load-side electronics
  • Kill switch input (turns output off)
  • Configured via Computer with standard USB serial cable
  • Technician debug mode, manually turn output on or off with PC when connected with optional cable
  • In-Field Firmware Updatable
  • Two year warranty
The Top H.A.T. SS is made in the USA.

Download specification sheets and installation instructions for the Top H.A.T. SS.

Increase Uptime

Eliminate jump start calls and improve fleet vehicle availability. .

Battery Life

Extend your fleet's battery life and reduce or eliminate the need for spare vehicle battery storage.

Auto Off

Automatic power off after a user-configurabled time delay monitoring system voltage.


Egis Mobile Electric provides a two year warranty on all products.