• Top H.A.T. Battery Saver

The Top H.A.T. - PART #6001

  • Self-contained time delay and high amp relay in one module
  • Low 3-Milliamp standby current in OFF state
  • Programmable OFF delay from 15 min to 16 hours
  • Status LEDs prodvide diagnostic feedback
  • Waterproof construction - mounts anywhere
  • Optional ignition switch input (maintains relay ON if alternator fails or turns off due to start/stop or other OEM vehicle setting (recommended for emergency vehicle applications)
  • Optional Low Voltage Protection (turns off when system voltage falls below 10.5-Volts for 15-Seconds)
  • Optional 16.5-Volt Over Voltage Protection
  • 5 second test mode (all switches off)
  • Two year warranty

Download specification sheets and installation instructions for the Top H.A.T.

Vehicle Availibility

Eliminate battery jump start calls and improve your fleets' availability. .

Battery Life

Extend your fleet's battery life and reduce or eliminate the need for spare vehicle battery storage.

Auto Off

Automatic time delay power off after a user-configurable time monitoring system voltage.


Egis Mobile Electric provides a two year warranty on the 6001 Top H.A.T.