• Dockmaster

The Dock master - PART #4101

  • Eliminate Computer Downtime
  • Automatic Shutdown Before Losing Critical Data
  • Prevents Laptops from Draining Batteries
  • Low Vehicle Voltage Detection
  • Monitors Vehicle Voltage
  • USB Connectivity
  • Selectively Discharge Laptop Battery
  • Comes with Customizable Software
  • Two Year Warranty

Customizable software: Download V1.36 program - setupDockMaster136.exe

Download specification sheets and installation instructions for the Dock Master.

Vehicles Availibility

Eliminate Monday morning battery service calls and improve your fleets' vehicle availability. .

Battery Life

Extend your fleet's battery life and reduce or eliminate the need for spare vehicle battery storage.

Auto Off

Automatic power off after a user-determined time for monitor system voltages and time-out counts.


Egis Mobile Electric provides a two year warranty on all products. All CEI products are made in the USA.