Press Release Copeland Engineering acquired by Egis Mobile Electric

  • Egis Mobile Electric offers battery saving devices for Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS and other public safety vehicles. - the new Power Master 6.
  • We are dedicated to providing the highest quality motor vehicle electrical products and customer support. - the Cycle Pal.
  • Battery and electrical system function are mission critical to Emergency and Public Safety Vehicles operation. - the new Top H.A.T.
  • With all the equipment demands on Public Safety vehicles, you need battery saving devices for your fleet to control output - the new Dockmaster.

We are Egis Mobile Electric, dependable power management.

The solution to your dead battery problems! Easy installation: Set and forget!


Eliminate Monday morning battery service calls and improve your fleets' vehicle availability.


Extend your fleet's battery life and reduce or eliminate the need for spare vehicle battery storage.


Automatic power off after a user-determined time for monitor system voltages and time-out counts.


Egis Mobile Electric warrants all products for two years. Most products are made in the USA.

Our Product Line-Up

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Power Master 6

Power distribution timer with resettable master circuit breaker. It is programmable by PC cable or Bluetooth, smart phone, or tablet.

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Top H.A.T. SS

High reliability 180-amp solid state output with built-in circuit breaker. Programmable by PC cable or Bluetooth, smart phone, or tablet.

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Cycle Pal

The new Cycle Pal can be configured via computer, smart phone or tablet and has circuit breaker protecting over current and dead batteries.

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Developed to help prevent avoidable laptop down time. Automatic shutdown warns with 5-minute notice and safe automatic computer shutdown.

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Top H.A.T.

A high end AMP timer with a high reliability 250-AMP relay built in. Easy access with 6mm bolts providing convenient wire-attachment points.

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Power Tamer

Solid state digital design. Optional direct ignition sensing for emergency vehicles. Programmable delay 15 minutes to 31 hours. Low voltage protection.

Power Tamer VS

Power Tamer VS

Solid state digital design with 16.5 volt over voltage protection. Programmable delay from 15 minutes to 16 hours. Low 5-milliamp standby.